Andy Miles


I’m a Reader in Sociology at the University of Manchester, currently based in CRESC (the ESRC Centre for Socio-cultural Change), where I direct a core research theme called ‘Trajectories of Participation and Inequality’. I started out as an historian, writing mainly about social mobility and stratification in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In 2003, I left my job at the University of Birmingham and set up a social research consultancy business in the cultural sector, working with arts organisations and government agencies. This brought me into contact with CRESC, and eventually back into full-time academic work. Although I still work on mobility and class, I now focus mainly on the sociology of cultural participation and on issues in cultural policy. Here I have particular interests in ‘everyday’ participation practices and ‘vernacular’ constructions of cultural capital, and am currently a leading a major 5-year AHRC-funded project which sets out to tackle these themes.

Selected publications

(2013 in press) ‘Culture, participation and identity in contemporary Manchester’, in M. Savage and J. Woolf (eds), Arts and the City: Cultural Institutions in Manchester 1800-2010, Manchester: Manchester University Press

(2013, with Mike Savage et al) ‘A New Model of Social Class? Finding’s from the BBC’s Great British Class Survey Experiment’ Sociology, 47 (2)

 (2012, with Alice Sullivan) ‘Understanding Taste and Participation in Culture and Sport: Mixing Methods, Reordering Knowledges’, Cultural Trends

(2012, with Mike Savage), ‘The Strange Survival Story of the English Gentleman, 1945-2010’, Cultural and Social History

(2011, with Mike Savage and Felix Bühlmann), ‘Telling a Modest Story. Accounts of Men’s Upward Mobility from the National Child Development Study’, British Journal of Sociology, 62, 3

(2008, with Dave Griffiths and Mike Savage), ‘The End of the English Cultural Elite?’ in Savage, M. and Williams, K. (eds), Remembering Elites, Sociological Review Monograph, Oxford: Blackwell

(2003) The Changing Social Structure, 1900-1939. Chapter in C.J. Wrigley (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Early Twentieth Century Britain, Oxford: Blackwell

(1999) Social Mobility in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century England, Basingstoke: Macmillan

(1994, with Mike Savage) The Remaking of the British Working Class, 1840-1940, London: Routledge

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