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New Special Issue of Museum and Society

‘Sociology in Museums’ edited by Gordon Fyfe and Paul Jones

Have a look! Some many great papers.

Happy to have been given the opportunity to write a paper on ‘Place and Cultural Capital: Art Museum Visitors across Space’


Aesthetics, Morality & Class – University of Warwick 13 May 2016

I am very much looking forward to attending and speaking at this seminar on Aesthetics, Morality & Class, organized by the excellent Dr Simone Varriale.

Speakers include:

Dr Anna Bull (King’s College London)
Dr Dave O’Brien (Goldsmiths College)
Dr Mark Rimmer (University of East Anglia)

Come along if you can!


More info:


Conference organized by our very own Andrew Miles (among others). Sounds exciting!

The purpose of this conference is thus to re-visit the central issue of method in cultural participation research. They plan to address this from the two, overlapping, perspectives of conceptually- and empirically-driven work. On the one hand, they want to showcase research focused on understanding participation from different methodological perspectives (methods in practice); on the other hand, contributions highlighting the importance of the study of methods for understanding participation (methodological rationales).

Keynote speakers

Invited keynote speakers include:

  • Philippe Coulangeon (Sciences Po, Paris, France).
  • Nick Crossley (University of Manchester, UK).
  • Tally Katz-Gerro (University of Haifa, Israel).
  • Terhi-Anna Wilska (University of Jyväskylä, Finland).

In addition to keynote speakers, guest speakers and session leaders include: Predrag Cveticanin (TIMS, Serbia), Laurie Hanquinet (University of York, UK), Semi Purhonen (University of Tampere, Finland) and Understanding Everyday Participation team members.

Conference Committee

Adrian Leguina (University of Manchester)

Andrew Miles (University of Manchester)

Claire Huyton (University of Manchester)

Susan Oman (University of Manchester)