Progress on research on the Great British Class Survey

We have had comments asking us to update interested readers with news on the GBCS. in brief….

1. We have been putting particular energies into the archiving and making publicly available the GfK and GBCS. We hope the first tranche of data will be available by late spring. Discussions between the UK Data Archive and the BBC regarding licensing are proceeding with this date in mind. The first batch of GBCS will not contain the detailed occupational and university data as this still requires additional cleaning, but we expect this additional data to be included by the end of 2014.

2. Our article ‘On social class, anno 2014’ is now under review at ‘Sociology’. This replies to our critics (four of whom – Harriett Bradley, Colin Mills, Danny Dorling and Nicola Rollock – have papers accepted in ‘Sociology’) and expands on the implications of the GBCS for class analysis.

3. Once we know if our article is accepted, we will include subsidiary responses to critics (including the questions which Colin Mills asks us at the end of his critical response) on this blog site, as well as additional technical information about the GfK which there may not be space to include in our ‘Sociology’ paper.

4. We have drafts of all the papers which we hope will form a special issue of ‘The Sociological Review’ and which will be submitted to them by the end of March. We hope this will showcase the ability of the GBCS to allow granular analysis of the elite. The papers we will be submitting are:

Fiona Devine (Manchester) and Helene Snee (Manchester), ‘Doing the Great British Class Survey’

Mike Savage (LSE), ‘Challenges for class analysis: from the ‘problematic of the proletariat’ to the classed analysis of elites’

Sam Friedman (City) and Mark Taylor (Manchester), ‘Breaking The Glass Ceiling? Social Mobility into the British Elite’

Daniel Laurison (LSE), ‘Political engagement and efficacy among the elite: lessons from the GBCS’

Andrew Miles (Manchester), ‘Elite occupations and the creative class’

Niall Cunningham (Manchester) and Mike Savage (LSE), ‘The secret garden?: elite metropolitan geographies in contemporary Britain’

Paul Wakeling (York) and Mike Savage (LSE), ‘Entry to elite positions and the stratification of higher education in Britain’


5. We have signed our contract with Penguin and are now working on a delivery date for our popular book on class of September 2014.

Thank you all for your continued interest….


One response to “Progress on research on the Great British Class Survey”

  1. Mel Bartley says :

    Hello all. I have an idea for you. I would like to see how much explanatory power would be added in a model with a health outcome when including your more cultural items on top of your more traditional ones?

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