Qualitative approaches to the study of elite practices: LSE workshop 28th November

Qualitative approaches to the study of elite practices

LSE Cities meeting room, November 28th, 10.30 to 3.30

Provisional programme

This workshop will consider the prospects for qualitative studies to enrich the analysis of elites, a topic previously been dominated by quantitative analysis. We will reflect on the differences between anthropological and sociological ethnographies of elites, reflect on both the advantages but aldso difficulties in elite studies, notably gaining access, and also on ethical issues.

10.30: introductions

11-12.00: Shamus Khan (Columbia), Reflections on the writing of ‘Privilege’,

12-13: Luna Glucksberg (Goldsmiths), Researching the super-rich in London: ethnographic and qualitative approaches.

13-14: Lunch

14-15.30: panel including

  • Elisabeth Schimpfossl, (Liverpool), Researching the Russian wealth elite,
  • Georgia Nichols (LSE), Formula 1 as an elite practice
  • Sam Friedman (City) Breaking The Glass Ceiling? Social Mobility into the British Elite’

This will be a small informal seminar and numbers will need to be controlled. Further offers of talks and anyone from outside LSE who wishes to attend should contact M.A.Savage@lse.ac.uk


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