New Event

The Launch Workshop of the Stratification and Culture Research Network

‘Emerging Cultural Capital and New Forms of Distinction’

Organisers:  Sam Friedman (City),  Laurie Hanquinet (York), Mike Savage (LSE), Andy Miles (Manchester)

According to many sociologists, cultural snobbery is dead. Taste for ‘High’ culture is no longer a reliable status symbol and instead a new elite of cultural ‘omnivores’ has emerged. However, this workshop aims to explore a very different intellectual current. It examines the possibility that hierarchies of legitimacy may now exist within categories of both high and low culture and, furthermore, that the pursuit of cultural distinction may not just be a matter of what objects are consumed, but the way they are consumed. In particular, the workshop will reflect on the recent findings of the BBC Great British Class Survey, which indicates that there may now be two types of cultural capital: that associated with highbrow taste, and that which the BBC team provocatively term ‘emerging’ cultural capital. We ask, has cultural capital moved on? And does this demand fresh angles of sociological enquiry?

The one-day workshop will be held at LSE on September 12th 2013 

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